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Daniel Depp - Your Questions Answered!

Daniel Depp answers your questions!

Dear Readers:

Sorry about the delay in answering these questions, but I’ve been on the road for a couple of months, and wanted time to answer them properly. I’ve just now come to rest at home for a week or so, and then I’m off again! Thanks for your patience!

Anyway, here goes…

snorkackcatcher wrote:
Daniel: is -- well, to avoid spoilers, let's just say a character who went on the run for very good reason near the end of Loser's Town -- due to play a part in sequels? After a lot of buildup throughout the book his story seemed to be left hanging somewhat.

I’m asked this question a lot – readers have developed an odd affection for the guy, who was meant to be a minor character but ended up collecting his own fan base! And the answer is… yes. He’ll be back at some point, most likely Spandau 3 or 4. I’m developing a story for him now. My editor once said he’s the nicest multiple-murderer she’s ever read. I’m not quite sure how to take this. Who knew?

still_a_student wrote:
Daniel Depp
Hiya Mr Daniel Depp,

I am interested to know what inspired you to write Loser's Town? I haven't read your book as of yet, but it is on the top of my list of books to buy. I have read some brilliant reviews on it and the plot seems extremely interesting, i look forward to reading it.

Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

I’ve always loved detective novels – especially the noir genre – and wanted for years to write one. I tried several times over the years but was never happy with the results and didn’t bother to publish. It wasn’t until after working in Hollywood that things came together, and I hit on the idea of David Spandau as a central character. As an ex-stuntman, Spandau gets to observe the inner workings of the entertainment world without actually being a “player” – he’s at once inside and outside, making him the perfect engine to drive along the tales I wanted to tell, and the observations I wanted to make on what that very closed world is actually like.

shadowdog44 wrote:
The Brave
you worked on the film The Brave. This had very limited release. Is there any chance it will be released on Region 1 and 2 DVDs?

I honestly know very little about the DVD release aspect of The Brave, which lies in the esoteric realm of film distribution. I know it’s available in Europe, and there are various pirated bad Asian copies floating around. There are definitely no plans right now to release it here in the US, though people really want to see it. Sorry.

amp854 wrote:
Loser's Town by Daniel Depp
Daniel, I loved your story and look I forward to the sequels.
I'm sort of re-iterating snorkackcatcher's comment/question, but also I'd like to know if you wrestled with deciding that character's fate? Did you write a different ending for him before settling on that one?

Also, I just wanted to say how much I love your writing style and how I came to love all the characters in Loser's Town. You fleshed them out and gave them a realistic humanity with an impressive economy of words. Thank you!

Thanks for the lovely compliments! As for the fate of “that character”, no, I always knew how he would end up – though I confess it never occurred to me people would take such a liking to him (if that‘s the word). Plans to bring him back are in the works thanks to reader demand, you’ll be pleased to know.

@scarlettgirl64 For Daniel Depp: I love your book. Can I possibly get you to sign my copy. And are you going to be writing a sequel?

I’m writing the second Spandau, Babylon Nights, even as we speak. It takes place in LA and Cannes, and is about a depressed actress being stalked by a potential killer. She might just go ahead and let him murder her. Spandau is trying to stop it.

As for signing your copy, best to send it to my agent or publishers -- along with a self-addressed, stamped book envelope – and they will send it to me. But, as I say, I’m on the road a lot and anything sent snail-mail may be a while getting to.

still_a_student asked:
Mr Depp: I've just read the Q&A entry on the main page , and it states we can ask anything even if it's about " how you like your breakfast”, so for the sake of taking things literally , how do you take your coffee?
Also, if you were given a chance to choose one existing work of literature and claim to be it's proud author ,which one would it be and why ?

Good questions…

I’d love to have written Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (or practically anything by Dickens, really). I used to teach the book and every time I read it I found something new, some nuance I’d missed before. It was also wonderful discussing it with teenagers, who always had their own takes on it and taught me quite a bit in return. Dickens manages to create a world you can get lost in, and I owe him what little sanity I have left: in times of stress I always go back to his books.

As for coffee: Black. Strong. Made in a percolator and nothing fancy-schmancy, just the way my grannie made it, though I’m cranky about coffee and prefer self-ground Jamaican Blue Mountain ($60 a pound last time I checked, for chrissake!) when I can find it but otherwise Illy. Scalding hot. Drunk from one of my collection of mystery bookshop mugs, usually first thing on rising, in bed, staring, slackjawed and eyeswollen, into space, trying to shame myself into getting up and writing something. My conscience usually wins after two mugs.

- END -

Daniel Depp is a former journalist, bookseller, photographer and teacher, and most recently a screenwriter and Hollywood producer. In 1997, he and his brother, Johnny Depp (no questions on Johhny please), produced the film The Brave, with Johnny directing and starring alongside Marlon Brando. Daniel now divides his time between California and France. LOSER'S TOWN is his first novel.

LOSER'S TOWN is available on AMAZON and other retailers.


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May. 12th, 2009 03:58 pm (UTC)
Thank You for posting this.I'm really glad I saw it.
Thank You Mr.Depp for answering my question. Lovely answers. As a coffee worshiper , I'm really happy with your answer. And as Dickens fan , who've just recently re-read Great Expectations, I'm pleased and surprised that it's your choice. But I strongly agree,it is the work of literature that keeps reinventing itself with every read.

Thank You.
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